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Colt Ford is gearing up to release his new brand album, Declaration of Independence, on Tuesday, August 7.  The album title is strong, and so is the album itself.  Declaration of Independence is full of songs that will make a great fit on country radio, including his current hit single “Back” with Jake Owen.  Ford has been a staple in Country Music, as he brings a fresh, new edge and style to the genre.  Fans continue to embrace Colt and his music as his social media status has recently hit a milestone of over a half-million fans.

Every now & then there is an album released and once you hear it, you start calling all your friends and have them come over to listen.  Colt Ford’s Declaration of Independence is one of those albums.  Declaration of Independence has fifteen tracks featuring some of the biggest names in music, including Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Kix Brooks, Montgomery Gentry, Daruis Rucker, Laura Bell Bundy, and Wayne Morris of Boyz II Men. Colt Ford’s fourth studio album comes on the heels of the very successful Every Chance I Get, released in 2011.

Colt Ford loves America and that’s very evident from the album cover and it continues with the first track,“Answer To No One.”  He isn’t afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t care what you think.  Colt Ford co-wrote Jason Aldean’s smash hit “Dirt Road Anthem”. Jason joins Colt for “Driving Around” and it makes you want to go hop in your car or truck and just take off. “All In” is a true honky tonk song.  Featuring Kix Brooks, this song should be played in every country bar from Oregon to North Carolina and all points in between.

We all have neighbors who we think are probably a little crazy, well if you’re Colt Ford’s neighbors, I’m sure you think that’s true.  “Ain’t Out Of The Woods” featuring Montgomery Gentry is picture painted of a country boy doing what he wants to do, no matter where he’s at.  The first radio single off Declaration of Independence is“Back” with Jake Owen. The song is a reflection of the years gone by and how we long to go back.  “DWI”(Dancing While Intoxicated) is a great party song and a must listen track.  “It’s All” is about the country lifestyle.  Colt says “It’s all work boot, it’s all gun shoot, it’s all church crowd, it’s all damn proud!”

The life of a musician isn’t easy.  The constant travel makes a home life difficult.  If you’re raising a family, being away for long stretches of time makes it tough.  “Happy In Hell” with Wayne Morris of Boyz II Men tackles that issue of being torn between two loves, your work and your home.  While most of the album is about having fun and living the country life style, Colt Ford isn’t afraid to go a little deeper in some tough subjects.  “Angels & Demons” is a self described gospel song, about his relationship with God, and dealing with everything in his life.

This is an album that you’ll want to pick up.  It’s a good listen and makes you want to drive around with the top down and the speakers cranked up. CountryMusicRocks top three picks on the album include: “Drivin’ Around Sound” featuring Jason Aldean, “All In” featuring Kix Brooks, and “Back” featuring Jake Owen.

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